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Tourism Consultation Workshop

December 18, 2021 - In Public Works

A comprehensive research entitled by ‘’The Economy of Oromia: a Perspective for Development’’ was conducted in 1999 for Oromia considering wider economic sectors of the region. Detailed researches were conducted for almost all sectors with the aim to inform policy makers and to make informed policy with the ultimate goal to accelerate economic development of the region. Generally, these research documents outlined and documented resource base of the region for the entire economic and social sector, challenges and opportunities, and made workable recommendations and designed short, medium and long-run project proposals for development of sectors.This comprehensive researches consisted of about 150 studies on different sectors of the region were conducted by the time. Unfortunately, these research outputs and development proposals remained unused and had not been considered in development planning of the region.

Currently, the Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) considered conducting comprehensive research communications of the research outputs as a best alternative before engaging in conducting new researches. Towards this end, CDCB had screened 45 study documents out of the 150 study documents taking into account their importance for immediate use and priorities of the region. The ‘’Oromia
region tourism master plan study’’ is among the 45 sector studies considered for the research outputs communications with Oromia regional state officials and representatives of the pertinent institutions in the region.
Therefore, this document is the review of the Oromia Region Tourism Master plan Study document prepared for Oromia Regional State’s Tourism Sector Development consultative workshop.

  • Case-study-Urban-Agriculture-Final-Amanuel.pdf pdf (0kb) [ download ]

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