CDCB have two major program areas


Even if it is believed that the concept of development is defined in a border sense CDCB believe that development is first personal capacitation for institutional growth which directly or indirectly leads to full community development. In consideration of this we have four sub categories of under our development program.

  • Personal Development
  • Under our personal development program, we capacitate individual persons in terms of life skill, self-confidence, cross cultural communication development and motivate youths via creating different youth lead platforms of youth engagements so as to promote youth empowerment and business skill enhancement and growth.

  • Community Development
  • Community development is enhanced through fulfilment of all-inclusive engagement on different sectors that are directly linked and are crucial to the community in general in line with this taught we believe and work on

    • Health
    • Environment
    • Economic empowerment and education sectors

  • Innovative Projects
  • Designing facilitating and implementing new innovative ideas and projects that enhance the economic use and sustainable management of social and natural resource of the society via identification of strategic engagement areas, best practices and implementation mechanisms so that so that can also be used as a model and major policy inputs.

  • Economic Empowerment
  • It is fact that if each segment of a society is well empowered economically then that is the moment of indication of once nation has developed with this believe CDCB works to empower woman and youths.

    • Women Economic Empowerment
    • We do believe that when a woman have the power to make their own money and have control of how they can use it this dose not only empowering women’s economically but it is surly one of the best way to help reduce poverty in general with this clear understanding we engage our self on a development program of woman economic empowerment. So as to achieve this we do provide an innovative business skill development training, incubate young woman entrepreneurs so that they can engage on innovative and technology-based business and help them establish highly woman driven Business networks.

    • Youths Economic Empowerment
    • Youths as a dynamic and most energetic wing of the society, CDCB works to economically empower youths through creating a good business platforms and provision of tailored trainings on entrepreneurship, Business skill development, establishing young business man networks as our major sub segment of development program.


    CDCB has came through a hug experience in its prior engagements on the run to enhance democratization as a result of the past observations and the gaps detected there in decided to take democratization as its one of major program areas. So, under this major program we do have four strategic ways to achieve and see a democratic state.

  • Dialogues
  • As one can understand there is a hug movement to insure democracy through the process of democratization. There also exist numerous ways to do and we do work by being more active as we are now getting mor concerned about the development of democratization and democracy. So, as an institution that wants to enhance and promote democratization in east Africa, we do organize dialogues for positive contribution and enhancement of democracy among political parties, community leaders and different sectorial leader on different concepts including federalism, constitutionalism, election, Justice and rule of law.

  • Local Government
  • CDCB sees peoples in the local government structure as a grass rooted segments of the big government and as a major changing agent of a nation. So, we do work with and on local government structural and capacity enhancement to nurture vibrant peoples for public office who are capable of creating and supporting a process of resilient community development.

  • Peace Building and Conflict Transformation
  • Building sustainable peace is the crucial component of democratization as process. Thus, CDCB as an organization having Democratization as one of its major programs will work to build sustainable peace and conflict transformation.

  • Political Empowerment
  • equal political empowerment is the other strategy that CDCB believes in as a major component of building democracy so to ensure the equal opportunity and capacity to all parts of society we do engage our self on empowering youths and women’s.

    • Women Political Empowerment
    • Woman’s consists over 50% of the total world population. which is the same in our continent and east African regions including Ethiopia. So CDCB believes that Supporting and capacitation of woman’s as a key to achieve a human development in general and building democracy in particular therefor we are dedicated to politically empower woman’s in any way possible.

    • Youths Political Empowerment
    • Young peoples are highly motivated and important segments of any society with variety of perspectives and ideas that can take our world and region for wared so we do believe and work to politically empower youths as it is necessary for society and enhancement of democracy.

    Thematic Areas

    • Leadership
    • Governance
    • Education
    • Health
    • Environment
    • Empowerment