Training Continued in Batu (Ziway)

CDCB is conducting a two-day training under the title “Designing and Implementation of Project Using Conflict Sensitivity Approach” for volunteer youth peace agents who have been engaging in peace Building activities for the last 45 days. During the two-day training sessions, volunteer’s reports will be presented, proposals for the next forty-five days are appraised and the appropriate one is selected in addition to training delivered on project cycle management and conflict sensitivity approach of implementing projects. This training was delivered for Shashamane and Arsi Negelle youth peace Agents from March 1-2 and March 3-5 respectively. It is now underway starting from today March 5, 2021, stays for two days ending on March 6, 2021, in Batu (Ziway) town, at Oromia State University.

Training Continued at Negele Arsi

A training with a similar topic “Project cycle Management and Conflict sensitivity” under way at Negele Arsi by CDCB for Youth Peace Agents of Negele.

Training Commenced.

The planed training on designing and implementation of project using conflict sensitivity approach for Shashamane Youth peace agents Commenced at Hamilton Hotel. On the introduction session it is told that the two-day session in Shasemene will be all about the next community peace building projects to be executed in the next 45 days by the …

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Women Experience Sharing Conducted at Sandafa Bakke

CDCB has been implementing a project entitled “Strengthening Women and Girl’s political Engagement and Mobilization” in collaboration with the Women, Youth, and Children office of Berrek district, with the support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). The center has delivered TOT training for selected leading women on “Human, Democratic and Women Rights” and the leading women have been leading community dialogues that have been conducted at the community level with women and girls in more than ten Kebeles for the last two years.

Refresher Training for cooperatives Engaged in Income Generating Activities.

Since 2019 CDCB has been implementing a project entitled “preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS from Pregnant mothers to newly born babies during delivery (PMTCT) in Mojo, Bishoftu, and Dukam towns of east Shoa zone of Oromia Reginal state with the support from Viiv Healthcare. Among the major activities of the project are forming cooperatives and giving training on basic business skills and providing start-up or seed money to economically empower project beneficiaries. In connection to this, CDCB has organized refresher training two days of training for the cooperative members from February 12 and 13, 2021 at Bishoftu and Mojo towns.