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Awareness Creation Documentary on the values of Peace underway

Awareness Creation Documentary on the values of Peace underway

The CDCB conducted a workshop on documentary film preparation at Elilly International Hotel today on the values of peace in Oromia Region in particular and the country in general. The workshop designed by the CDCB towards which preliminary activities have been underway for quite some time is funded by USAID/OTI. Participants of the workshop were from media professionals both private and the government; officials from legal departments; communication experts; zone officials of different sectors etc. The objective of the workshop was to discuss on how to collaborate in the preparation of the documentary film on creation of awareness of the public on the values of peace.  

The workshop was opened by blessing of Abbaa Gadaa and Haadha Siinqee as a part of recognition to traditional values of the society in which devotion precedes inception of a programed activity. Following the blessing, Ob. Amanuel Adnew, Executive Director of the CDCB, welcomed participants to the workshop by briefly explaining the background to the CDCB citing its major activities over the last decade plus years. Referring to the workshop, he explained that documentary preparation was envisioned to portray the overlooked values of peace through screening the effects of violent conflict in Oromia. He said people are more attracted by what they see and hear from those who lived the hardship. The victims of the disaster may have lost their livelihood base thus displaced from their home surroundings into uncertainty.

Next to the statement by Ob. Amanuel Adnew. Ob. Mitiku  Duressa made presentation on the process under way and related matters to the preparation of the Documentary Film. His presentation was aimed at giving background to the documentary film to be organized in the short time to come.  His presentation was followed by serious discussion among participants on issues on the ground and how to collaborate in the preparation of the documentary film. In their discussion, participants appreciated the idea of organizing the film while seriously considering the quality of the production from different perspectives.


Towards conclusion of the workshop the participants from zones discussed on how to reach persons affected by the violent conflict in Oromia by showing their actual status. Those affected may be facing poverty and their survival falling under question though they were self-sustaining at one time before the violent conflict. The zone officials underscored that people would learn about invaluable values of peace that are not well recognized until the hardship knocked at the door.

The next episode in the preparation of the documentary would be dispatching to the field to gather information and images that would be part of inputs to it.  

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