Training of journalists and Media Professionals on Enhancing Rule of Law, a Human Right and Conflict Sensitive Reporting.

Round Two of training for journalists and Media Professionals has begun today with an opening speech from Ato Mitiku the project manager of this specific project followed by Ato Amanuel Adnew Executive Director of CDCB giving a welcoming speech to the trainees and to our guests. The head, Oromia Communication Bureau Ato Musa Sheiko gave a speech on how trainings like this will capacitate the media professionals on subjects to be displayed soon. Mr. David De Giles, chief of Party, USAID’s Feteh( justice) Activity in Ethiopia and Danica Gebru, Civil Society and Program Support Director of USAID’ s Feteh( justice) Activity in Ethiopia gave out a message and Introductory remarks regarding on Feteh activity in Ethiopia.

on the first day of training topics such as Rule of law human rights and peace concepts and elements were discussed. Following that characteristics and duties and responsibilities of Media in Enhancing Rule of Law, Human Rights and Peace were also discussed.