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Youth volunteers for peace and social cohesion is commendable

Youth volunteers for peace and social cohesion is commendable

In Robe, Dodola, Adaba and Kofele there are various religious and ethnic community groups living in harmony for a time in memorial. However, recently there are conflicts that marred their historic good relations. Experiences show that the youth are susceptible to violence and also victims of conflict. The role of youth in promoting peace and social cohesion is crucial. It is with this understanding that youth peace volunteers in Robe, Dodoal, Adaba and Kofele have been engaged in mobilizing various community groups (youth, women and community leaders) in their respective town for peace and social cohesion following intensive training on peace building and dialogue skills.   

During their first phase engagement, their key undertaking was conveying peace messages to the community, identifying agendas and
identifying key individuals who can shampoo for peace in the community groups. The second phase is conducting intensive dialogue with key individuals selected from the respective community groups (youth, Women and community leaders/religious leaders). Finally, dialogue will be
conducted among 10 leading individuals selected from the respective community group to reach at community level consensus on:  challenges of peace and social cohesion and to define their role to promote peace and social cohesion in their community.   

Active participation of youth in their community’s life through pursuance of participation rather than resistance is the best approach for the youth to have their demand addressed and attain their dreams.  It is against this backdrop that CDCB in partnership with OTI/USAID designed and implementing
youth peace volunteerism projects in these towns and others.

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