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Validation Workshop on Training Toolkits

CDCB and partners conducted a validation workshop on training toolkits. Today (June 30, 2022), over 20 CDCB partners and key stakeholders, including policymakers from House of Federation, Mistry of Peace, Ministry of youth and social affairs, and trainers and facilitators was gathered in Elilly International Hotel to validate Youth Leadership Dialogue toolkit.  With his opening […]

Day 3 of Community Peace Dialogue in Robe

CDCB youth peace volunteers of Robe Town has been hosting a community dialogue for three days. The community dialogue was being conducted with various community members namely (youth, women and community leaders). The Youth, women and community leaders of Robe came together and discussed on three major points. One being how is the “Peace “condition […]

Day 2 of community Dialogue in Robe.

Conducting a Community Dialogue draws participants from different section of a community and creates opportunity to exchange information and prespective and developing solutions to issue of interest to the community. CDCB has taken the lead to host a community Dialogue in 4 Oromia towns namely Robe, Adaba, Dodola and Kofele along with Youth Peace Volunteers […]

Community dialogue in Robe has started

Center for Development and Capacity Building has kept up its efforts to maintain and improve the peace and social cohesion among the many Oromian towns. Four towns will host the discussion amongst various community and religious groups. Therefore this dialogue is organized for (youth, women, and community leaders). The topic of the dialogue is on […]

Youth volunteers for peace and social cohesion is commendable

In Robe, Dodola, Adaba and Kofele there are various religious and ethnic community groups living in harmony for a time in memorial. However, recently there are conflicts that marred their historic good relations. Experiences show that the youth are susceptible to violence and also victims of conflict. The role of youth in promoting peace and […]

Launching Workshop on Human Right and Rule of Law and its implication on Peace

Center For Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) in partnership with USAID/Fetehactivities in Ethiopia, conducts a project familiarization workshop yesterday Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at Elilly Hotel, Finfinne.The major objective of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of the participation of media professionals, civil society organizations (CSOs), Justice Sector and informal institutions in the […]

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