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Follow Up Report

Follow Up Report

The Practice of Dialogue has been popular throughout recent years. The reason for this is that initiating a dialogue can help navigate an issue in a well-mannered way and also provide a solution to the matter at hand. The Center

for Development and Capacity Building has taken on this idea and is intimating the practice of dialogue across various towns in Oromia. As it is known, CDCB gave training regarding dialogue to four towns, namely Robe, Adaba, Dodola, and Kofele. Based on the training, our youth volunteers have been engaged in various activities as per their action plans in their respective towns. The first activity includes “convening,” which is an expanding circle of conversation about the need for dialogue. All four towns have completed the first phase of this activity.

The experience gained through this process has been very promising for further plans, and each community member has shown and promised their full commitment and full co-operation for the dialogue to be held ahead.

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