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Peace Building and dialogue skills training at shahemane Day-3

Conducting a community dialogue is beneficiary to find a solution and to bring different part of the community together so that we can ensure Sustainable peace mutual co-existence in our community. Taking this into consideration CDCB has taken the initiative to bring the platform to various towns. In today’s training topics such as: pre conditions […]

Peace Building and dialogue skills training at shahemane Day-2

On the second day of our training on “Peace Building and Dialogue skill” various topics were covered. In our first session conflict management and five conflict management styles were discussed in detail. Following this the meaning and the principles of Negotiation were thought in depth. Mediation and the role of good meditator were discussed.  In […]

Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-4

Today marks the last day of training on Peace Building and Dialogue Skills for Robe and Adaba Youth Volunteers in Robe, Bale. In the first session of the training, the trainees were able to exercise what they have learned regarding Dialogue and Dialogue skills. This was done by grouping the participants into two groups and […]

Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-3

Dialogue is a forum that allows participants, drawn from different sections of community, to exchange as much information as possible. The purpose of dialogue is to motivate people or community members to work toward a common vision, understanding, or solution to a specific issue of concern. Bringing dialogue to community as a tool for conflict […]

Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-2

Conflict is inevitable. The problem does not reside in having a conflict, because we cannot avoid a conflict but how we manage and the way we go about it in handling the conflict. Conflict management is a process of dealing perceived incompatibilities or disagreement efficiently. In today’s training, which is a continual of yesterday’s topic […]

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