A Training on Conservation of Lake Dembel Happening now … 28 November, 2021

Today the CDCB team is with its community in the same place (in Batu) but with a different agenda. While we were having community consultation on peace tourism yesterday, today we are training association members on protecting Lake Damble (ziway) and its biodiversity from degradation with a concerted effort of the local community, local private sectors having a stake in the lake and local government.

The “Association to Preserve Lake Dembel”, is a community group formed by local communities living around Lake Dembel with the vision of protecting Lake Dembel from degradation and transfer to their children through upper catchment (mountain) rehabilitation and buffer zone development.

The association is the result of CDCB’s extensive awareness-creation activities among the local community and dialogue among the local community, local government, and private-sector business firms operating depending on Lake Dembel.