Month: January 2021

Staff Training on Social Media and Communication

Center for Development and Capacity Building has organized one day training on social media and communication for its staffs on January 27, 2021 at Momona Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The training is aimed at enhancing staff capacity of using technology and improving communication.

Training on Peace Building and Conflict Management for Youth Volunteers is underway in Batu Town

Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) has been delivering four-day trainings consecutively under the title ‘Peace Building and Community Service’ With the support of USAID /OTI/Dexis since January 11, 2021. The first and second training sessions were conducted at Shashamane from January 11-14, 2021 and Arsi Negelle from January 15-18, 2021 Respectively.
Continuing to the previous trainings, the last session is underway at Batu Town administration, State University from today January 20, 2021 up to January 23, 2021

Trainee’s Birth Date with the Second Day Training Session

The trainee named Gaddisa Tessemma Fayyisa has disclosed in the morning while he was reflecting his day’s color that the day was his birth date. Amazingly, CDCB prepared a surprising cake and celebrated his birth date with all trainees at the end of the second-day session.

CDCB has Continued Training for Youth Peace Agents on Volunteerism in Peace Building in Arsi Negelle.

Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) has continued a four-day training on ‘Peace Building and Community Service’ with the support of USAID /OTI/Dexis, for Fifteen volunteer youth peace agents in Arsi-Negelle town at Fasika International Hotel today (January 15, 2021) which stays up to January 18, 2021 after concluding that of Shashamane town yesterday.