Thematic Areas

CDCB identified its major thematic areas based on the yearlong assessment through consultations with regional officials, heads of bureaus and different sectors and offices, heads of plan and programs of various institutions of the region. Six major thematic areas of CDCB are identified. Accordingly professionals are organized under each thematic area. The following are the six CDCB’s thematic areas of interventions.


Leadership and Governance

  • Strategic level leadership capacity Building
  • Local government leadership capacity Building
  • Resources Vs Conflict and Peace-building
  • Local Government
  • Federalism
  • Constitution, Polices and Proclamations  Vs Implementation
  • Non State Actors’ Roles in Development


Economic Development Sector

  • Development potential exploration
  • Development challenge analysis
  • Investment Priority, Employment Vs Sustainable Development
  • Agricultural products marketing and Market Development
  • Development Vs Institutional Capacity
  • Sustainability of Pastoralist Community Development.


Environment and Natural Resources

  • Climate Change Vs Food security
  • Biodiversity, Ecosystem service and Resilience to Climate Change
  • Climate Smart Agriculture and Land Management.


Social Sector

  • Health Sector related issues
  • Education Sector related issues
  • Participation of Youth in Socio-Political and Economic Development and
  • Women Empowerment



  • Culture/Heritage
  • Cultural Values and Development
  • Culture, Tourism and Development 


Urbanization and Urban Development

  • Urbanization and Urban Development
  • Urban-Rural linkage
  • Agro-processing