The strategic objective of CDCB is to serve regional states as a resource Center and think-tank for public discourse and forums. The specific objectives of the Center are:

²Supporting the Regional State and local governments in their effort towards good governance and sustainable peace and development through the provision of advisory services.

²Identifying training needs of regional and local government officials and experts followed by tailor-made and short-term trainings.

²Supporting the regional government in promoting decentralization and democratization through training and research.

²Assessing the key challenges of the society at grass-root level and availing dependable information to development actors.

²Organizing forums for public discourse on regional development issues.

²Serving as a catalyst for development in the country in general and Oromia regional state in particular through networking different academic and research institutions, community based organizations and national and international civil society organizations.

²Serving the regional states as a think-tank for public discourse among academicians, researchers, policymakers and the general public in order to serve as pathways towards democratic culture development and ensuring peace and stability for development of the region and the country in general.

²Implementing innovative projects that can be scaled up by government and non-government development actors to address the socio-economic development of the citizens.

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Head Office, Meskel Square Science and Technology Building 5th Floor
P.O.Box: 25024 Code 1000
Website: http//:www.cdcbo.org
E-mail: cdcb@cdcbo.org or cdcb2020@gmail.com Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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