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Hara Dambal Conservation Revamped

Hara Dambal Conservation Revamped

CDCB revamped last phase of project activities on Hara Dambal (Dambal Lake) Conservation last week with preparation for developing tree seedlings, according to the project implementation plan. Project Coordinator of the CDCB, organizes sprouting of the seedlings at selected sites around the lake.

Planting of the seedlings marks the last phase of the project implementation to be followed by transfer of the project outcomes to the local community. The ground for the transfer has been facilitated since the start of the project nearly two years ago. The facilitation work started with capacity building for resident representatives of two adjacent Kebeles bordering the lake. With the facilitation initiative, an association called “Waldaa Baraara Hara Danbal” (Dambal Lake Preservation Association) was revitalized to take up the responsibility of conservation on a sustainable basis. 

Members of this Association had received three day training on capacity strengthening on technical and contextual expertise in cooperative management and financial literacy. The conservation efforts incorporate protection of biodiversity; and prevention of land degradation. Planting of the seedlings would help fulfil these two important missions. The local community members are mandated to do the protection and prevention due to their direct and indirect stake attached to the lake and the surrounding biodiversity.

Consultative meetings were held among the Association leaders, local and regional government representatives, and private companies to regularly collaborate in the conservation activities. With the help of knowledge and skill thus provided sustainable conservation of the lake and its surroundings is expected to be ensured. It is expected that the would-be-impact of the project could yield lessons to other parts of the rift valley lakes to replicate the practice.

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