Peace Building and dialogue skills training at shahemane Day-4

We wrapped up our training on “peace Building and Dialogue Skill” that was being given to Dodola and Kofele youth volunteers today.  This training was being given for four days at Grand Royal Hotel, Shashemene. In these four days various topics regarding Peace Building and the concept of Dialogue and Dialogue  skills was thought in detail and in depth.  

On our last day of training, trainees were able to exercise what they have learned so far in  role play regarding Dialogue facilitation, convener and the overall Dialogue skill. Following that dialogue evaluation was thought. The last  activity on the agenda was to plan an action plan for the coming few month that our Youth Volunteers will participate in conducting a Dialouge. This training has been a helpful tool to bring a sustainable peace and adhere a good practice in conflict addition to this,  trainees has given their full consent to participate fully in bringing long lasting peace in their community and town.