Conflicts are inventible to avoid and can occur between any race, gender, and in different members of any community. Human beings are said to be a sociable being and tend to live and do everything in a collective manner and it is a known fact that we all vary in looks, thoughts, childhood backgrounds, educational background and families. Even though conflicts are said to happen and can’t be avoided, but we can manage how we approach our differences and get to a common ground rather than escalating the situation through different means.

The “indigenous conflict management practice and approach”  training, which started today in Negele Arsi, is carried out  for the purpose of giving the youth an enlightenment on how to approach their differences and  bring a change among their society.

In today’s morning session, the meaning of conflict, types of conflict, factors for conflict and violence were discussed in detail. In the second session, a concept of understanding peace was discussed as well. Apart from this, multiple group discussions was held on the topics above and the trainees had a session where they reflect their ideas on the kind of violence and conflict that is found in there city, Negele Arsi.

The participant in today’s training had an informative and a fruitful session and has expressed their interest in learning more about conflict management and approach and to carry on their knowledge further in their community and bring change.