Pace Tourism to promote social cohesion. Batu

In diversified society where religion, identity or ideology is a source of conflict, tourism creates an opportunity where these groups come together and would help to promote social cohesion and deescalates tensions. Although there is contention among academia and policy makers regarding Peace and Tourism, it is apparent that tourism facilitates communications among diverse groups […]

Abba Gadas and Hadha Sikes expressed their commitment to support youth peace volunteers’ initiative to reinstate community reconciliation Center for Peace and Social cohesion November 26, 2021 Negele-Arsi

CDCB held community consultation to strengthen and promote “Qiltu Re’e” and “Addacha Araara” community reconciliation Center. The area was used to be community reconciliation Center where Abba Gadas and Community leaders settle inter-personal disputes and inter vis-à-vis intra-community clashes in a peacefully through dialogue and endogenous conflict resolution mechanisms. However, the center was not functional […]

Consultative Meeting …

On November 10 2021 CDBC in partnership with the Forum of federation held a consultative meeting  with data collectors and researchers to discuss the newly started “Dialogue Initiative for Ethiopian Youth Leaders on Federal Governance, Democracy and Peace” project and starting of the stakeholders consultation and analysis activity. On the meeting the overall project was […]

Community Consultation Meeting …

Community Consultation Meeting …Today we conducted community consultation meeting with volunteers, community groups and local structure representatives. We had bigger turnout 34 participants at Shashamane Municipal Hall. It was a fruitful meeting where we managed to review the project’s current status and next planned activities. The community consultation meeting was organized for the three towns […]

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