The sixth panel discussion on public grievance instigated conflict as a challenge for sustainable peace is taking place at Elily International Hotel.

The 6th Panel discussion of an online youth peace activism project implemented by the Center for Development and a Capacity Building (CDCB) with the support from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is being conducted at Elily International Hotel in Addis Ababa. This specific panel discussion is designed to create awareness about the existing governance challenges or public discontent in Oromia and suggest possible way-outs in the effort for the promotion of sustainable peace.

It is remembered that priorly Similar Panel discussions on different topics have been held by CDCB basing on the assessment and findings of anticipated Conflict triggering issues. In this Panel discussion, a paper on the general concept of Youth engagement as a pathway to peace-building and social cohesion in Ethiopia specifically and the general detailed international perspectives on attitude towards youth was presented. Moreover, in his paper, Dr discussed why the engagement of young people is important for peace and social cohesion.

In the same manner, a second paper on the current and prevailing public discontentment majorly related to public demand Oromia particularly and Ethiopia, in general, was also presented basing on the assessment made and possible mitigating remarks towards ensuring sustainable peace were rendered. On ward’s question and comment, a combined discussion was made among the participants of the panel discussion.