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Project Aimed at Promoting the Idea of Saving Lake Damble

Project Aimed at Promoting the Idea of Saving Lake Damble

Center for Development and Capacity Building hosted a workshop on The Result of The Project “Protecting Lake Damble (Ziway) Through Community Based Integrated Watershed Management” at Elily hotel on April 10, 2021.

H.E. Prof. Fekadu Beyene, Commissioner of Environment, Forest and Climate Change of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on his opening speech indicated that the workshop, intended to communicate the result of the project aimed at promoting the idea of saving Lake Damble (Ziway) and the surrounding biodiversity from extinctions through multi-level and multi-stakeholders’ dialogues. He highlighted that   the coordinated effort between buffer zone conservation measures and the upper catchments natural resource conservation measures is very important. In consideration of the needed synergy between the local community, Local Government and Private sector in the area the commission gave attention to the project and have been providing technical support from its inception.

Honorable Board chairman of Center for Development and Capacity Building Reverend Dr, Wakseyoum Idosa said that the workshop is organized to provide information with regard to the results achieved from the implementation of the project, share best practices and experiences for government and organizations having interest to take part in saving of lake Dembel and other lakes in the country. He added that such discussion helps to strengthen the results so far and further expanded the good practices to the nearby localities and areas of similar context in our country.


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