CDCB Hosted a Validation Workshop on “Conflict Management and Peace Building in Oromia and the Role of the Youth and Social Media”

CDCB conducted assessment on the potential conflicts, their causes, solution and the role of youth and media in peace building in Oromia Regional State. The assessment is part of CDCB “Online Youth Community for Peace and Democracy” project financed by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).  The assessment had two parts that is: land scape analysis and primary data analysis. The primary data was collected from higher government officials, opposition party leaders, Abba Gadas, Religious leaders, security sectors leadership, zonal administrators selected through purposive sampling methods. According to the assessment, the anticipated potential conflicts are: Ethnic, Religious, Cross border clashes, public resistances and politically motivated conflicts.

The workshop was intended to collect additional inputs so as to finalize the assessment. Participants were Government officials, opposition parties’ leaders, religious leaders, youth groups, NGOS leaders, Media groups and community leaders and other relevant stakeholders. The research team has presented the findings, Recommendation and what the role of youth would be in the peace building for the participants.

The participants cherished the assessment as portraying the reality on the ground and recommended to bring it to the attention of the higher government officials and leaders who can use it for peace building in the country. Besides, the participants heartened CDCB to use the findings in its future projects especially in its strategy of online youth volunteerism to promote peace and Democracy.

December 20, 2020 Finfinne