Training of journalists and Media Professionals on Enhancing Rule of Law, a Human Right and Conflict Sensitive Reporting.
Consultation on ‘Youth Online Volunteers’ for Peace and Democracy Conducted
Day Two of training of journalists and Media Professionals on Enhancing Rule of Law, Human Rights and Conflict Sensitive Reporting
Rule of law, human right and peace Building training for media professionals has begun!
Augest 10 2022
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Welcome to Center for Development and Capacity Building

Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) is a local civil society think-tank non-profit making organization established in 2012. Its establishment was promoted by a group of volunteer practitioners, academicians, researchers and civil society leaders with the objective of supporting the development of regional states and their local governments through research, training and advisory services. CDCB prioritizes issues which have multiple positive impacts in enhancing good governance, ensuring sustainable peace and development in the region. The focus areas for the coming five years include; Undertaking Research, Conducting Trainings, Organizing Forums and Implementing Innovative Projects with high replication potential

What do we do?

Research Programs

CDCB believes in evidence based advisory services to the regional government institutions and leadership. Accordingly, CDCB has planned several research and study projects/priorities in its strategic plan. In addition, the center is keen to undertake a study or research when requested by the institutions. On top of this the CDCB has better record in the past few years’ experiences in undertaking various studies..

Capacity Building Programs

One of the major and priority areas of CDCB is to support the regional through various capacity building programs. These include organizing Capacity Building Trainings for Regional Institutions. Identifying Institutional capacity gap is a key task before the intervention. The capacity Building demand of the region is identified in CDCB’s five years Strategic Management Plan (SPM). Based on the SPM CDCB planned several capacity building programs including training packages through its volunteer networks of professionals.

Project Based Programs

CDCB has adopted two mechanisms in which project based programs are implemented. The first one is soliciting funds from donors to implement innovative projects having economic and social benefits for the society, specially the poor. This program focuses on the projects having multiple benefits and to be scaled up to other areas of similar context. The second one is implementing projects based on the demand of regional institutions.

Our Partners

Meet some of the team