The roles of CDCB advisory team (Dr Abera Dheersa)

Dr Abera mentioned that there are different knowledges and experiences which the intellectuals need to bring together. He indicated the difficulty to do everything alone and by emphasizing the need for different actors to collaborate. It was also mentioned that all the leaders of the world have advisors which is also needed for Oromiya region’s government. He cited that government devices different development policies, strategies and programs the effective implementation of which requires intellectuals, business communities, etc contribution. The existence of huge gaps in Oromiya region in making use of intellectuals was also indicated.

Everybody might have different ideologies, but we all need to make efforts to make use of the professionals contribution. There are problems of mixing politics, ideaologies, etc with the need to make contribution for community development.


In Ethiopia   probably Ormiya might be considered to have huge potential. But unless it is well developed that will not help.

Dr Abera indicated the need for Oromiya regional government to establish Forums where intellectuals come togehter and discuss. He also mentioned the need for Government to identify areas/sectors which needs to be assessed by intellectuals and also on which it requires intellectuals advice. Then based on the policies, startegies and availability of resources the government could implement recommendations.

At the end of the workshop consensus was reached among the stakeholders in realizing the mission of CDCB.

CDCB has a of Mission Strengthening regional states & their institutions’, regional leadership and local gov­ernments through scientific research, facilitating capacity building tra­jectories and providing advisory supports. CDCB’s additional mission is implementing innovative development projects which can be scaled up by development actors including government bodies and facilitating forums where state and non-stake actors come together and discuss on development issues in the region.

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