The role of think tank in peace and Development by (Prof. Endeshaw Bekele)

The role of think tanks was explained by giving an overview of the complexities of development. The contribution of think tank in supporting leaders to make informed decission was emphasized.

Prof. Endeshaw Bekele on presentation

Prof. Endeshaw indcated the difficulties in copying development process of one country to another. He mentioned that during colonization there were efforts to bring development in some African countries by copy paste strategy, but did not succeed.

The need to consider lcoal context in bringing experiences/lessons from other countries was emphasized. The need to involve different bodies in undertaking development and in evaluating the development process is very important. The presented emphasized on the role of think tanks in this process and to bring development in the country was indicated. Prof. Endeshaw underlined that think tanks are ideal filter of ideas. It was indicated that unless they are guided morally think tanks could also be dangerous.

Think tanks selflessness and being future oriented was also indicated. Overall role of think tanks, role of CDCB and its future roles are also underlined. 

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