The Role of Civil Society in Development (Dr. Meshesha Shewarega)

Dr. Meshesha made presentation on the roles of Civil Society in Development. He presented historical evolution of the CSO/NGO sector and the global contribution of the sector.

Dr. Meshesha Shewrega on presentation

Dr Meshesha presented that globally there are more than 50,00 INGOs (2004). He provided detailed information on the contribtuion of NGOs sector in Ethiopia for development and foreign currency earnings. Ethiopia gets about 1 bn USD annually through NGO sector and he indicated that this is less than only the foreing currency earnings from private remitance.

It is reported that the investment of NGOs in Ormiya region is bigger than other regions. Indicating this Dr Meshesha underlined that it is very important for Ormiya government to closely work with NGO sector and to open discussion with them.

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