CDCB is in action since 2015

CDCB is in action since 2015. We accomplished various undertakings mainly in the areas of capacity building trainings, researches, forums and implementing innovative urban agriculture project. However, we ask apology for not regularly updating our web page.  Once again we ask our members, partners and supporters for failing to regularly giving updates on our activities and want to promise you that, we will keep you informed on our activities and some important issues that demand public attention.   

The role of think tank in peace and Development by (Prof. Endeshaw Bekele)

The role of think tanks was explained by giving an overview of the complexities of development. The contribution of think tank in supporting leaders to make informed decission was emphasized.

Prof. Endeshaw Bekele on presentation

Prof. Endeshaw indcated the difficulties in copying development process of one country to another. He mentioned that during colonization there were efforts to bring development in some African countries by copy paste strategy, but did not succeed.

Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) overview (Obbo Amanuel Adinew-Executive Director of CDCB)

Obbo Amanuel, director of CDCB, gave an overview about CDCB. He indicated that for the establishment of this center at the begining the interest of the regional government, intellectuals and business community was assessed. It was indicated that decission to establish the center was made based on the interest they showed to have a center which could coordinate their work/contribution. He mentioned that the objective of CDCB is to work on how to enhance the contribution of intellecutals and business community towards the development of Oromiya for which the government has also high commitment.

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